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Good food for cat – My Recommendations

Canned food is really convenient for busy cat owners. However, I think it is necessary to spend some time in the kitchen for the sake of your cat’s health. Jeanny is the first cat I adopted, so I want to take good care of her.

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Mealtime is meowtime

1. Food derived from animals – Good for cats

a. Meats

Cats are carnivores. So it’s no surprise that meat is at the top of the list of good foods for cats. Chicken, pork, beef, … contain large amounts of amino acids, fats, vitamins, and minerals necessary for the body.


  1. Filter excess skin and fat to reduce fat, avoid the risk of obesity, pancreatitis in cats
  2. Diverse the types of meat to provide your cat with various nutrients.
chickandbun Jeanny good food for cats
I never say no for food

c. Can cats eat shrimp?

Like fish, shrimp is rich in omega-3 acids, an abundant source of protein, and high nutritional content. In particular, shrimp is a low-calorie food, quite suitable for obese cats.


  1. Remove the intestines and shells off shrimp
  2. Shrimp should be cooked-well because they contain parasites.

d. Are eggs, milk, and animal organs eatable for the cat?

Eggs are rich in nutrients, absolutely an ideal choice for cat food. However, do not let your cat eat raw eggs because they contain many harmful bacteria. Besides, eggs are rich in fat, which can easily make your pet obese when eating them frequently.

Milk, yogurt, cheese, … cats can eat in small quantities. However, I do not recommend including them in the daily diet, even as a cat snack. Many cats are prone to digestive disorders, vomiting, or loose stools when drinking milk. Certain types of cat milk are safe for the cat to drink but you should use them according to the doctor’s advice.

As carnivores, cats can eat the organs of other animals. Animal organs provide the same amount of nutrients as animal meat. However, do not let your cat eat too much, as they might be overweight and obese. Also, do not let your cat eat bones that may affect its stomach.

2. Should plant-based foods be included in the cat’s diet?

Many people think that cats are carnivores, so they do not give them green vegetables. However, vegetables are also foods that can be added to the daily menu of cats. Their calorie content is low, so they are suitable for obese cats. Moreover, many cats do not have the habit of drinking a lot of water. You can add water to your pet through plant-based foods.


  1. Diverse foods so that your cat has all the nutrients it needs.
  2. Only add a small amount to the daily diet. Some fruits and vegetables may let the cat vomit if it eats a lot.
  3. Be careful when feeding your cat fruit with a lot of sugar (to avoid diabetes)

a. Certain types of seeds and grains are safe for cats

Kinds of bean

Chickpeas, peas, … are a source of protein and carbohydrates for cats. A small amount in an emergency meal will benefit your cat’s health.

Oats, barley, quinoa,…

Oats are a rich source of essential nutrients for the body and many other vitamins and minerals. Adding cereal to your cat’s diet is like a nutritional supplement. However, it should be cooked before feeding to the cat to ensure health safety.

b. Some fruits and vegetables are safe for cats

Fruits: Berries (strawberries, blueberries, …), melons (watermelons, melons, …), bananas, apples, pears, mangoes, pumpkins…

Vegetables: Carrots, cauliflowers, cabbages, …

Two fluffy balls take a nap after devouring their meals

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