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Crochet Amigurumi Teddy Bear Baby Rattle Pattern

Step by step for crocheting a super-easy and cute Teddy Bear Rattle. This would be a great gift for your sweetheart!

1. Materials

These are the materials that I used. You can replace them with other materials: Yarn (brown, light pink, blue), Crochet hook, Wooden ring rattle, Fiberfill, Plastic Eyes.


  1. Choose the right size of yarn and crochet hook. Here I used crochet hook No.3 and yarn #02.
  2. It is recommended to use yarn with safe materials for babies (I use 100% cotton)
  3. Should use plastic eyes with latches to ensure the safety of the baby. If you can, use different colored wool to embroider.

2. Abbreviations

R: Round

X : sc (single crochet)

Ch: chain

MR: Magic ring

V : increase (2 single crochets from 1 loop)

A : decrease (2 single crochets into 1 loop)

3. Doing

a. Head

Crochet with Brown yarn

R1: MR: 6X=6

R2: 6V=12

R3: (X,V) x 6=18

R4: (2X,V) x 6=24

R5: (3X,V) x 6=30

R6: (4X,V) x 6=36

R7: (5X,V) x 6= 42

R8: (6X,V) x 6=48

R9: (7X,V) x 6=54

R10-14: 54X=54 (sc in each stitch around)

R15: (8X,V) x 6=60

R16 – 17: 60X=60 (sc in each stitch around)

Insert plastic safety eyes between R12-14, 2 eyes are about 8 stitches apart. 1 round below the eyes, use light pink yarn to make the bear cheeks.

Chickandbun crochet teddy bear rattle amigurumi
Remember to add toy stuffing tightly and evenly so that the head will look much better.

R18: (8XA) x 6=54

R19: (7XA) x 6=48

R20: (4X,A) x 8=40

R21: (3X,A) x 8=32

R22: (3X,A) x 8=24

R23: (2X,A) x 8=16

Add toy stuffing little by little until it’s even. You can insert a bell to make some interesting sound if you want.

R24: (X,A) x 8=8

Finish, cut the yarn, leave about 15-20cm length of yarn for sewing later.

b. Ears (make 2)

Crochet with Brown yarn

R1: MR: 6X=6

R2: (X,V) x 3=9

R3: (2X,V) x 3=12

R4: (3X,V) x 3=15

R5-6: 15X=15 (sc in each stitch around)

Note: Position the ears by needle pins before sewing!

c. Bow and body


Crochet with Blue yarn

R1: 18 ch, sl st to join in a circle (18)

R2-3: 18X=18 (sc in each stitch around)

Sew the two ends, fold them in half, start winding them around the middle, and then tie them to form a bow.


Crochet with Brown yarn

R1: 30 ch, sl st to join in a circle (30)

R2-10: 30X=30 (sc in each stitch around)

Note: Depending on the size of the wooden ring, you increase/decrease the number of stitches.

4. Assembly and decoration

Next, you sew along the wooden ring to form the body and then assemble it with the head. Then add a bow and use darker thread/yarn to make the nose.

Chickandbun crochet amigurumi handmade teddy bear rattle for baby toy
So you’ve finished the teddy bear rattle!

Good luck!


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