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Crochet Amigurumi Octopus Baby Pattern

You can crochet an easy-cute octopus by your own hands in just a few hours even when you’re a beginner. Let’s start!

1. Materials

These are the materials that I used. You can replace them with other materials: Yarn (white, light pink, light blue), Crochet hook, Fiberfill, Plastic Eyes.


  1. Choose the right size of yarn and crochet hook. Here I used crochet hook No.2.
  2. It is recommended to use yarn with safe materials for babies (I use 100% organic cotton)
  3. Should use plastic eyes with latches to ensure the safety of the baby. If you can, use different colored wool to embroider.

2. Abbreviations

R: Round

X : sc (single crochet)

Ch: chain

MR: Magic ring

V : increase (2 single crochets from 1 loop)

A : decrease (2 single crochets into 1 loop)

3. Doing

a. Head

Crochet with light blue yarn

H1: MR: 6X=6

H2: 6V=12

H3: (X,V) x 6=18

H4: (2X,V) x 6=24

H5: (3X,V) x 6=30

H6: (4X,V) x 6=36

H7: (5X,V) x 6= 42

H8: 42X = 42

H9: (6X,V) x 6=48

H10-14: 48X=48

H15: (6X,A) x 6=42

H16 – 18: 42X=42

H19: (5X,A) x 6=36

H20 – 21: 36X=36

H22: (4X,A) x 6=30

H23: 30X=30

H24: (3X,A) x 6=24

H25: 24X=24

H26: (2X,A) x 6=18

H27: (X,A) x 6=12


Insert plastic safety eyes between Rnd 15 and Rnd 16, 8 sts apart. In case you can’t buy plastic eyes, you can sew isetead.

b. Tentacles

Crochet with white yarn (bottom)

H1: MR: 8X=8

H2: 8V=16

H3: (X,V) x 8=24

H4: (2X,V) x 8=32

Finish, cut the yarn.

Do the same to get 6 parts as the picture shown.

Crochet Amigurumi Octopus Baby Pattern toy for kid
Crochet 6 white octopus tentacles

Crochet with light blue yarn (top)

Keep crocheting with a white part above.

H5: 32X=32

H6: (14X,A) x 2=30

H7: (8X,A) x 3=27

H8: 27X=27

H9: (7X,A) x 3=24

H10: 24X=24

H11: (6X,A) x 3=21

H12: 21X=21

H13: (5X,A) x 3=18

H14: 18X=18

H15: (4X,A) x 3=15

H16: 15X=15

H17: (3X,A) x 3=12

H18: 12X=12

Finish, cut the yarn.

Do the same for the next 2 parts.

Crochet with light pink yarn (top)

Keep crocheting with a white part above. Do the same as above and you will have 3 pink tentacles.

4. Assembly and decoration

Once you’re done, sew the head and tentacles together. So you have finished a very cute octopus!

Wish you luck!


InkedChickandBun crochet amigurumi octopus
This is a blue-headed octopus pattern with embroidered eyes

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