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Fiber yarn for crochet – You may not know

Currently, there are many different types of yarn with different characteristics and prices. In general, yarns are usually classified according to their origin: Natural fiber yarn, Man-made fiber yarn, and Blended fiber yarn. So what is the difference, and which is the best choice for you, let’s find out!

Yarn is divided by material, including 3 types: Natural fiber yarn, Man-made fiber yarn, and Blended fiber yarn
Fiber yarn is divided by material

Natural fiber yarn vs Man-made fiber yarn

Most yarns can be used for crocheting. Because of different origins and manufacturing processes, yarn fibers have markedly different characteristics.


 Natural fiber yarnMan-made fiber yarn
Origin+ Animal yarn: Mainly made from animal hair (rabbit, sheep, camel…). After being harvested, the feathers will undergo cleaning, brushing, … to spin, knit, crochet, weave.
+ Plant yarn: Depending on the parts to be harvested (fruits, stems, leaves …) they are processed in different ways to form fibers.
+ Natural polymers are all kinds of bamboo, wood, … with high cellulose content. The starting materials are dissolved in chemicals so that they can be spun into yarns.
+ Synthetic polymers such as Coal, petroleum, and gas undergo complex conversion into raw materials for the production of synthetic fibers.
General characteristicsLight, soft, easy-creasedLight, beautiful, not creased
Ability to absorb water, heatVery absorbent. Most of these fibers have heat resistance, especially seasonal properties: cooling in summer, keeping warm in winter.Poor absorption Underwear products, pajamas, bedsheets when using artificial fabrics will make your skin uncomfortable on hot days
How to preserveAs a sensitive fiber, it is susceptible to mold, so it needs to be more careful when storing. Each type of natural fiber will have a different way of preservation.Easy to maintain, durable, does not shrink after washing.
Comparison table

It can be noticed that Natural fiber yarn has advantages over Man-made fiber yarn. Due to the natural production process, less doping, Natural fiber yarn brings safety to use. For that reason, the price of natural wool is much higher than that of Man-made fiber yarn.

Yarn for crochet
cotton crochet
man made fiber yarn
My favorite yarn when crocheting toys for children

How to distinguish

  Natural fiber yarn Man-made fiber yarn
CrumpledThe yarn is difficult to return to its original stateThe yarn quickly returns to its original state
BurnAsh is easily soluble in waterAsh clumping insoluble in water
Distinguish Natural Fiber Yarn and Man-made Fiber Yarn

Blended fiber yarn

As both Natural fiber yarn and Man-made fiber yarn have their own pros and cons,Blended fiber yarn is manufactured to bring the good advantages of the above yarns while still keeping the cost reasonable.

Some popular types of Blended fiber yarns

  • Cotton + Polyester: Cotton and Polyester blended yarn will bring the advantages of both fibers:
    • PE: durable, not creased
    • Cotton: good moisture absorption, cool
  • Polyester + Viscose = TR (Tetron Rayon): durable, beautiful, easy to dye, less crumpled, not dusty, cool, quick to wash, quick to dry.
  • Special Blended fiber yarn: It is a blend of two or more ingredients Cotton, Viscose, Nylon…

Hopefully, the article provides some information so that you can choose the right type of wool for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to comment, I will reply as quickly as possible!

From ChickandBun with love 🙂

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