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Crochet for Beginners

Crochet for Beginners -Yarns and crochet tools

You start learning to crochet but you are insane when standing among thousands of options in a yarn store, then this article is for you. What to prepare when crocheting? Let’s find out through some related information below.

Choose easy products with basic stitches to begin

Usually, your curiosity and desire will be stimulated when you see cute amigurumi, unique shirts, fancy scarves… crocheted by hand. Advice for those who are just starting with this “art” is:

  • Starting from small, simple products: A lined cups, a stuffed animal, a hat, a scarf will be the right choice for beginners. Do not choose complicated products such as tablecloths, dresses, etc because it will make you quickly discouraged due to the requirements of size, pattern, texture, and time to complete. You will very easily give up.
Crochet for beginners
cat kitty amigrumi
One of my first products
  • Do not crochet products that require lots of details: since you’re just starting, products with repeated stitches (scarfs, stuffed animals, …) will help you memorize the stitches and crochet evenly day by day.
  • Do not crochet products that need to be mixed with too many yarn colors or types of yarns: This is mainly to save money for you ^^

Tip: You can refer to the tutorial clips on Youtube to be hands-on. My first product (if I remember correctly) was a lollipop with a duration of somewhere only 15 minutes. Since then, I have confidently crocheted another 3m long scarf.

Crochet tools

Usually, in the product instruction, there will be a description of the crochet hook size, the yarn types, … Just follow it to buy the right items you need, don’t get caught up in unnecessary ones. Basic tools for beginners include:

Crochet hook

Crochet hooks are diverse in size, design, type as well as price. They can cost just a few cents or a leg and an arm. The biggest difference lies in the smoothness when crocheting, the ability to hold the yarn. Do not assume that buying an expensive one will be qualified. To find out which crochet hook is really for you, the best way is to try it. The hooks made at dirt cheap are often not the same quality (which also means that if you try them out, you may find a relatively good one ^^).    

I used to buy a crochet hook that cost only 5 cents for 3 years before replacing a new one (it was not broken; however, after a long time of using it, I started to feel uncomfortable. The hook had a sign of rusty, so it was not as smooth as it used to be). So, choose the one that fits your pocket.  


Yarn styles, yarn types, yarn colors, etc., are numerous, just like crochet hooks, and even more. There are 3 things you should count on:

  1. Cost: As a beginner, you should choose a yarn type that is popular, at a reasonable price, and has many colors.
  2. The yarn size is suitable for the hook: If the yarn is too thick, the product will lack softness. If the yarn is too thin, the product will loose and be easy to stretch.
  3. Material:


  • Stitch markers:  useful if you are working on a round pattern (hats, stuffed animals, …)
  • Wool sewing needles (plastic needles with large eyes): used for products that need to be assembled (purses, bags, …)
  • Crochet Gauge Ruler: measure crochet hooks.Others: Scissors, needle pins, …
for beginner
chickandbun crochet mini cupcake amigurumi
As you can see, I used beads to decorate the cupcake

In addition, depending on each product, there will be different accessory requirements (Stuffed animals need plastic eyes, nose, purses need braces, locks, …)

Good luck to you <3

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