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Crochet for Beginners

Benefits of crochet

What are the benefits of crocheting? Is it a pointless hobby and a waste of time like what people often think? Let’s find out together!

1. You can crochet anytime, anywhere

A spool of yarn and a crochet hook can go with you wherever you go. Bus stop, subway, … are all ideal locations for crocheting without fear of disturbing people around. You think crocheting takes a lot of your time, but it’s not. Actually, You can do many things while crocheting. For instance, You can watch TV, or listen to the news when your hands can still quickly make a shirt or a hat easily.

chickandbun crochet bunny amigurumi
Benefits of crochet
What’s better than sitting on a bench in the park on a beautiful day like this!

2. Crochet promotes creativity

A beautiful, unique scarf or sweater needs a harmony of colors and textures. You learn how to design crochet patterns and color schemes to be reasonable and balanced. It’s great to be able to realize your creative ideas!

3. Crochet practices patience and persistence

Crocheting needs you to repeat an action over and over for a long time. Therefore, you will be more patient and persistent in parallel day by day. It helps you a lot when doing other things in daily life.

4. Relieve stress, relax your mind

Leave the chaos of life behind; knitting and crocheting seem to slow downtime. Your breathing rate is also less rushed; your body is also more regulated. At this time, the brain will be released from the secret, dispel the fatigue. You also feel more relaxed, dispelling fatigue and depression.

Let’s put aside worries and do what you love!

5. Health benefits of crochet

There have been many studies and researches about the health benefits of crochet. Most of the data collected shows that crochetingting improves people’s mental and physical well-being. The hands become supple, the mind is relaxed and at ease. Many people feel that knitting is like a meditation exercise.

6. A wonderful gift for relatives and friends

The scarf, the shirt, or simply the coaster; … all ask the crocheter to put in effort and time to perfect. The recipient also cherishes and appreciates the gift made by yourself. Your joy spreads into happiness to those around you.

Good luck to you <3

From ChickandBun with love 🙂

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