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Animal Fiber yarn (Part 1) – Classification

Many crocheters like using Animal fiber yarn to create unique and quality products. What are its strength and weakness? Let’s find out through the article below!  

Animal fiber yarn – Maybe you don’t know

Animal fiber retains heat even when wet, and is also a good electrical insulator. This fiber can only be burned at high temperatures, it is also used as a raw material for explosion-proof clothing.

Animal fiber yarn is mainly processed by manual methods (such as harvesting, cleaning, combing, spinning, etc). There is almost no chemical intervention throughout the process, so it is highly safe for users. But some people feel itchy, stinging as Lanolin existing in Lamb wool. 

In fact, many beauty products contain Lanolin because of its ability to moisturize and soften the skin. However, quite a few people use products containing it appear rashes, redness, itching. If you are a person allergic to Lanolin, be aware of Lamb wool products.

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There are many ways to classify wool yarn. It is often classified according to its quality or origin.

By quality: The quality of Animal fiber yarn is determined by:

  • Yarn Diameter
  • Bending process
  • Yield, color, and durability.

According to origin: People divide Animal fiber yarn into two types: Animal secretion and  Animal hair.

a, Animal secretion (Silk)

Originating in China and then raised and produced in many countries, silk is obtained from silkworm larvae, which is smooth and light in nature. Because silk yarn does not have much stretch, it is often combined with other high-end fibers to retain value. The silk products are soft, airy, creating a comfortable feeling for the user. The process of making silk yarn requires a lot of time and effort, so it is one of the most expensive and luxurious fibers.

b. Animal hair (Wool)

Nowadays, there are many types of wool produced in the world. Lamb wool is the most common (accounting for 96-97%). In addition, goat wool (1%), camel wool (1%), some other wool from rabbits, birds… (1%) are also used to make yarn.

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Lamb wool(Fleece)

Appeared and was used thousands of years ago, fleece is the most popular wool in the world. They are soft and elastic, able to retain heat better than regular wool even when wet.

Goat hair/ Goat hair wool

Goat hair is highly breathable, deodorizing, non-irritating on the skin, even with sensitive ones. In high-end wool lines, goat lamb is even 6 – 10 times warmer than lamb wool. The undercoat of goats is usually of high quality and is used to make crochet yarn. The outer coat (especially of mature goats) is qualified to make carpet crochet yarn.

Camel hair/ Camel hair wool

The majority of camel hair for wool is obtained from the Bactrian camel breed. They live mainly in areas with harsh, cold climates of Mongolia, China, Russia… Commonly, people shave camel hair wool in the spring. It is quite long and durable, light in weight, and shinier than sheep wool. Although camel hair is easy to dye, crocheters often favor for its natural color (golden brown).

(to be continued…)

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